Amsterdam Light Festival

TREES IN TOP, installation for the #amsterdamlightfestival

A canal without trees is like a living room without furniture.

Since the Golden Age trees line the canals. They are an essential part of the beauty and uniqueness of the inner city
Replanted after wars and diseases, Dutch Elms now thrive along the Herengracht, many around 100 years old, blossoming every spring.

TREES IN TOP aims at celebrating the life cycle of these city-trees. Amplifying their presence with a single row of tree-signs. Individual light-lines, slowly pulsating in tune. Symbolizing continuity and renewal.

Herengracht Amsterdam

The slowly uplighting and moving color patterns recreate blossom in winter.
Evoking delight. Aiming to please.

The Signs can be read as Bud, Leaf or Tree, making you contemplate of the universal qualities of nature, the environment and the cycle of life.

On a bigger scale, indicating direction, keeping visitors alert and naturally inviting them to continue along the route.

Intensifying this little spot of the world. Stimulating the imagination. Feeling connected to the city. Generating an atmosphere of trust.